Industrial Systems

Control and Measurement Operations

The system controller can be selected according to customer system requirements.


  • Comes with analog meter, digital panel, and data display for trend graphs, etc.
  • Users can put the data display wherever they want and adjust it however they like.
  • It is simple to change the display configuration for changing measurement conditions using the available multiple measurement pages.
  • Two-stage warning and alarm functions available for each measurement item. The colors for each stage can be configured for the analog meter and analog bar, making it easy to check setting values.

Control Applications

Control types

  • Speed controls
  • Torque controls
  • Throttle angle controls
  • Vehicle speed follow-up controls
  • Electric inertia controls and rolling resistance
  • Absorption side servo lock controls
  • Sine wave oscillation controls
  • Ability to vary engine stroke order
  • Damping controls
  • Torque down controls
  • Pump-less functions
  • Equipment verification

    Sine wave excitation control

    Can reproduce the primary frequency of engines.

    Any type of vibration control for explosion fluctuations

    Can reproduce the primary to quinary frequencies of engine explosions.

    Damping control

    Can dampen equipment resonance.