Transportation Systems

The total train communication system

The total train communication system (TTCS) provides comprehensive control and management of information used throughout the train such as operations, security and passenger services.
TTCS makes it possible to display, send, receive, process and monitor information needed by the crew and passengers.


  • Operation and security support: The crew can monitor operation states via real-time displays. Also, failure data logging and retrieval is possible.
  • Passenger services: Passengers can view train schedules, speed, door open/close state, current locations, etc. The TTCS can also be linked to passenger information systems and automatic public address devices.

Major Products

  • Compliant with IEC61375 Train Communication Network (TCN) part 3-4 ECN
  • Equipped with an interface to each device such as the propulsion inverter, brake units, auxiliary power units, air conditioner units, and public address devices, to communicate such information as power, notch commands, and service device control commands to all of the devices.
  • Monitors the operation status of each device so that it can send failure alerts to the train crew and save all such failure information.
  • The central device is located in the lead vehicle and utilizes redundant channels. Also, the terminals in each of the other vehicles are built with redundant CPUs and input/output circuitry.
  • The inter-vehicle network is configured using a ring topology that provides for bypass routes for communication data in the event of a disconnection somewhere in the network or a failure of one of the terminals.

Configuration Example of Next-generation Train Control Management System

The total train communication system