Information Equipment Systems

Decision Engines

Decision Engines

Toyo Denki’s decision engines are built into automatic ticket gates and automatic fare adjustment machines. They help to save time in ticket inspection and fare adjustment operations by deciding and calculating fares based on the data on tickets and smart cards.

Main specifications

Decision-compatible ticket types Regular tickets, connecting tickets, ticket books, round-trip tickets, fair adjustment tickets, commuter pass, special tickets, smart cards
Decision content Period decision, section decision, fare adjustment decision, invalid decision
No. of combined tickets Max. 3 tickets
Fare calculations Fare calculations based on minimum fare or basic boarding route
Fare adjustments for max. 2 sections
Board specifications PCI bus Rev. 2.3 compliant
External I/F Ethernet 10 BASE-T/100BASE-TX
USB 2.0 Type A
2 CF Type I/II compatible slots
Software updates Download or CF conversion
Logs Classification Decision history
Communications history
Collection CF storage (uploadable)