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Generating Equipment for Distributed Power Source


Compact permanent magnet type synchronous generator, at roughly half the mass of an induction generator

Permanent magnet type generator

Compared to a typical induction motor with the same output, center height is 20% lower and motor mass is also significantly lower.
(32 to 57% lower mass than a typical induction motor)

High efficiency

Total efficiency (%)
(generator axial input to end of link)

Permanent magnet-type synchronous generator and efficient converter control deliver approximately 94% total efficiency for large-capacity emergency diesel generators (EDGs) and 90% total efficiency for small-capacity EDGs, from generator to end of link.

Clean power

Current high-frequency analysis (at 40 kW)

Delivers stable voltage and frequencies at the system link point, withstanding fluctuations in generator motor speed. Sine wave output current contains almost no high frequencies.



Rated output Permanent magnet type generator (EDG) 6P 11~750kW 1,200 / 1,500 / 1,800min-1

Power Conditioner Panel

Output voltage200 / 400V±10%, 50 / 60Hz±5%
Capacity (end of link)200V / 11~180kW、400V / 11~1,000kW
Time ratingContinuous; derated at minus power supply fluctuations
Overload resistance150% for one minute
Control methodGenerator maximum efficiency control, PWM method with current harmonic distortion minimized, proprietary isolated operation detection method
Operating conditionsInterior specification: 0 to +40 °C,85% RH or less, 1,000 meters altitude or below