Information Equipment Systems

IORemoter Terminal for Remote Monitoring and Control System


IoT/M2M Terminal with Cloud Service and Multiple Interfaces


  • Internal FOMA module
    Transmits acquired data over FOMA network, eliminating the need to install data lines.
  • Multiple interfaces
    Supports analog input, digital input/output, serial communication, controller area network (CAN), and Ethernet.
  • On-board use
    Designed to withstand harsh vibration for on-board use. Optional internal GPS.
  • Low-power mode
    Battery driven, no need for external power support.

General Specifications

Item Specification
Applications Fixed monitoring Vehicle Monitoring
Operating ambient temperature ―10℃~+50℃ ―20℃~+60℃
Storage (transport) temperature ―30℃~+85℃
Relative humidity 25%~85% condensation-free
Power supply voltage AC 100V/110V (AC 85-132V) DC 12V/24V (DC 10-32V) 
Power consumption 7.5 W or less (including optional GPS)
Low-power mode
Interface Analog input 4-channel
Voltage input (0 – 5 V) or current input (4 – 20 mA)
Digital input 4-channel (contact input) + 4-channel (voltage input) = 8-channel
Contact inputs shared with digital outputs
Digital output 4-channel (transistor output)
Shared with digital inputs (contact inputs)
Serial communication RS-232C 3-channel
RS-422/485 single-channel configuration to select RS-422/485
GPS 1-channel (Option)
Ethernet 1CH
Auto Power Off function
External dimensions 210 mm × 120 mm × 30 mm (excluding protruding parts)
Construction IP30 protection
Weight 830g 800g