Industrial Systems

Continuous-Use Generators

Gas turbine generating equipment

Best suited for private power generating installations is gas turbine generating equipment that combines a small- or medium-type high-performance gas turbine with a generator that is housed together with a controller in a compact package. This equipment also features low cost and high performance.

Indoor and outdoor types are available and can be selectively used depending on the installation site, while special specifications such as low noise are provided for each type. Features of the gas turbine such as compactness, light weight, and strength in cold environments are best suited for the generating equipment of a mobile power source vehicle.

Steam turbine generating equipment

This equipment is widely deployed at paper plants, sugar refining operations, and other plants that use large quantities of steam. The units are also extensively deployed by plants as a supplemental private power source, fed by steam generated by burning disposed urban waste, wood scraps and sawdust from sawmills and plywood plants, or chaff from rice milling operations.
Toyo Denki has an extensive record of success as a manufacturer of turbine generating equipment, having deployed numerous private generators that remain in operation today.