Information Equipment Systems

μTURTLE-I Wireless Current Sensor

Installation Example

  • Battery-free
    Internal capacitors store energy needed for measurement and wireless communication from CT.
    Runs on current (minimum 10% of rated current), without requiring a power supply.
    (AC adapter recommended if current is under 10% of rated current, or if current fluctuates significantly.)
  • Standalone measurement and wireless transmission
    Measurement device with integrated wireless communication, without needing an add-on unit.
    CT can be chosen according to attachment cable.
    (Also available as unit with separate CT.)
  • Easy to attach
    Simply attach CT to cable for measurement.
    Models with separate CT are ideal for installing where space is at a premium.

Parts and Dimensions

*CT available in three sizes. φ16mm size is shown.

General Specifications

Item Specification Remarks
Measurement object 1 Current Single-phase
Rated current 50 – 500 A Refer to table below
Frequency 50/60Hz
Sampling interval 50 μs
Accuracy ±1.0% F. S. Sinusoidal input of commercial frequency
Effective input range 10% – 100% F. S. Sinusoidal input of commercial frequency
Power supply Self-powered Min. 10% of rated current
Transmission format 315 Mhz specified low-power radio
LED On when unit is operable
Operating temperature range -10 – 50 °C
Usable humidity range 80% RH Condensation-free
Optional accessories AC adapter Use when self-powered operation not available
Crest factor 2.2 At rated input

1 Measurement value is true effective value.

CT Inner Diameter (mm) Rated Current (A) Dimensions (mm) Weight (g)
50 100 300 500
16 68 (D) × 97 (W) × 42 (H) 140
24 68 (D) × 114 (W) × 42 (H) 270
36 68 (D) × 132 (W) × 42 (H) 350