Information Equipment Systems

μTURTLE-PL Wireless Pulse Sensor

Installation Example

  • Pulse count and wireless transmission
    Internally counts pulse output from equipment, and transmits it wirelessly.
    Simpler than wiring in a pulse detector.
  • Supports various pulse outputs
    Supports pulse output from supply meters, in addition to flow pulse output from gas and water meters.
    Supports simultaneous dual-channel input.
  • Data management from computer
    Collected data is stored on a computer and can be displayed as graphs or output as CSV files.
    Use to prepare daily reports, graphs, and trend analysis.

Parts and Dimensions


Item Specification Remarks
Input channel 2 Both inputs share same ground
Input signal Pulse width Min. 10 ms
Contact current Max. 5.5 A
Conversion value per pulse 0.001〜1000.000
Transmission interval 1 minute to 24 hours Limitations on interval, depending on number of units installed
Power supply AC adapter
Transmission format 315MHz Specified low-power radio
LED On when unit is operable
Operating temperature range 0〜40℃
Usable humidity range 80% RH Condensation-free
Dimensions 52(W)×68(D)×32(H)mm Excluding protruding parts
Weight 80g
Required accessories Input cable Internal use specification