Industrial Systems

Dynamo (dynamometer)

Toyo Denki has nearly 100 years of experience as a motor manufacturer and was the first to offer a permanent magnet synchronous motor to the world. Our Dynamic Spin Dynamo (DSD) series employs our proprietary water-cooling method along with our permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Low Inertia Motor Dynamic Spin Dynamo (DSD) Series

Industry Leading Level of Low Inertia

S-DSD Series Motor

Toyo Denki’s Dynamic Spin Dynamo (DSD) series has the lowest inertia in the industry. Our DSD is able to keep inertia moment to about 1/10th that of an induction motor with the same amount of capacity.

Proprietary water-cooling method enables a much more compact motor than conventional

External dimension comparison between 220kW induction motor and S-DSD motor

We were able to make our motor much more compact than the conventional one using our proprietary water-cooling method.

Frame structure engineered to the limit

Drive motor frame structure

Toyo Denki has not only made the test system compact, but also engineered the frame structure to push the draft shaft and wheel base to the limit, achieving a layout that is equivalent to that of an actual vehicle.
In addition, our DSD is very quiet, making it highly suitable for use as a noise and vibration (NV) test bench.

High-speed torque response

Torque command current response waveform

Torque command current response waveform

A torque response of 1,500 Hz or more along with high-speed current operation/vector control operation output was achieved by employing a new electric current control method.

Achieves a maximum output frequency of 1,500 Hz
(Special specification-compatible product)

S-DSD series motor

S-DSD series motor

Delivers an output frequency of 1,500 Hz as a vector control inverter, and achieves a maximum RPM of 16,000 min-1 when combined with a 6-pole S-DSD series motor.


High-Speed, Low Inertia Dynamo (S-DSD, S-DSDi, S-DSD HP, S2-DSD)

High RPM, low inertia, compact, excitation

Output ~505kW
Rotational speed ~10,000min-1
Torque Up to 1,610Nm max

Ultra-High-Speed, Low Inertia Dynamo (S-DSD HS)

High RPM, low inertia, compact

Output ~220kW
Rotational speed ※~20,000min-1
Torque Up to 525Nm max

*Please inquire with Toyo Denki regarding outputs exceeding 16,000min-1.

High Torque, Low Inertia Dynamo (H-DSD, W-DSD)

High torque, low inertia, wide range

Output ~ 535kW
Rotational speed ~4,000min-1
Torque Up to 5,960Nm max