Information Equipment Systems

μTURTLE-A Wireless Analog Sensor

Installation Example

  • Range of input options
    Supports common outputs from measurement equipment: current signal from 4 to 20 mA and voltage signal from 0 to 10V.
    Supports simultaneous dual channel input. Standard thermistor also available.
  • Analog to digital conversion, wireless transmission
    Converts analog output from sensor to digital values, and transmits wirelessly.
    No need for wired connectors, perfect for installing multiple devices.
  • Data management from computer
    Collected data is stored on a computer and can be displayed as graphs or output as CSV files.
    Use to prepare daily reports, graphs, and trend analysis.

Parts and Dimensions

General Specifications

Item Specification Remarks
Measurement object Analog values
Measurement points 2
Input signal Voltage signal Current signal
Input signal rating DC 0 – + 10V DC +4 – 20 mA
Input signal range DC 0 – + 10V DC + 4 – 20 mA
Input impedance 500 kΩ 250 Ω
Single-phase tolerance ±1.0% F. S.
Sampling interval 100 ms
Power supply AC adapter
Transmission format 315 Mhz specified low-power radio
LED On when unit is operable
Operating temperature range -10 – 50 °C
Usable humidity range 80% RH Condensation-free
Dimensions 68 (D) × 52 (W) × 42 (H) mm
Weight 80g
Bundled Accessory Signal cable
Optional accessories Thermistor and signal cable